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Call Pure Restore™ for the fastest response and smartest solution

Trust the Carpet Keepers Pure Restore™ team to help you understand your situation, options, and what to expect in terms of the process, equipment, insurance and timeline. All work is handled by technicians who are not only experienced in water damage restoration, but fully certified, insured and licensed to provide water damage restoration services in Northern Virginia. That’s important because companies that aren’t qualified can make mistakes assessing and addressing water damage that can affect your physical well-being and your property value

With the Pure Restore™ two levels of service you save time and thousands of dollars:

LEVEL 1 SERVICE: Clean up and decontamination

Using our exclusive Pure Restore™ system, our certified technicians analyze the water damage design a response for the size of the area, ceiling heights, moisture level and your specific type of carpets, padding, furniture and wall materials. We can give you an honest assessment of how we’ll use the science of water restoration to work pure magic getting your spaces dry and disinfected. In fact, our water extraction and restoration techniques are so thorough that we may be able to save even soaked carpets and furniture, which can save you thousands of dollars.

LEVEL 2 SERVICE: Water damage restoration project management

We can also go an extra step beyond the basic Pure Restore™ water damage clean up, drying and decontamination and take care of everything needed to restore spaces back to their original state. We handle it all start to finish—from estimating materials and labor costs, through reconstruction management and final inspection.

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